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Our mission is to build deeper connections between you and your audiences; improving experience, engagement, and learning.

Find out how our academic research and methods can help you.


Our self-service surveys cover the ‘big questions’ facing cultural organisations. The questions and survey design are based on our many years of research in the sector and are easily accessible and scalable to your organisation size.

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We have the skills and expertise to provide insightful and timely evaluation reports for your organisation. These can be tailored to arts funding, educational funding, internal stakeholders, or to measure public engagement.

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Helping you to build informed strategies for your organisation, our team of researchers can work with you to design a project that addresses your questions and collects the data you need to answer them. 

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Evaluation services for funding requirements

Is your organisation applying for funding? If so, get in touch and find out how we can help fulfil any evaluation requirements. 

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“The SPARC team made the whole process wonderfully straight-forward from the initial conversation to the end report.”

— Polly Ives, Concerteenies (Project: Evaluation)

Clients we’ve worked with:

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As an offshoot of the University of Sheffield, SPARC Consultancy has been working collaboratively with arts sector organisations for over 10 years and this has allowed us to develop rigorous, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the how, why and when of audience experience. Find out more about our research.

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For tailored surveys for your organisation or to enquire about our full consultancy offer, please get in touch.