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 Surveys: Discover more about your audiences

We offer self-service surveys that cover the ‘big questions’ that face many cultural organisations in their current operations and future vision.The surveys are easily accessible and scalable to your organisation size. The questions and survey design are based on our many years of research in the sector.

 Audience Research and Evaluation

We can provide tailored qualitative research, such as focus groups and targeted interviews which will assess your audience’s responses. This data then informs an insightful evaluation report that can be shared with internal stakeholders, helping to inform future best practise.

Audience and Organisation Development: Shaping Your Future Ambitions

Our long experience with researching audience experiences and behaviour can support you to access new, or difficult to reach audiences (younger or older age groups, people with disabilities etc). We can provide bespoke research into targeted audiences, to help you understand and build strategies on how to reach them.

Let’s Work Together

For tailored surveys for your organisation or to enquire about our full consultancy offer, please get in touch.